Fall Uniform


Happy Fall Ya’ll!

I am BACK, with an amazing Fall outfit if I do say so myself! I have missed doing outfit posts, and I was so inspired when I put this look together that I knew it had to be photographed.

This season I definitely had a wish list of pieces I wanted to curate into my wardrobe and the designers this season did not disappoint. During the fall and winter there are certain staple pieces that should be in everyone’s closet, like a floppy felt hat, black booties, and a long sleeve flowy dress. I love incorporating high end pieces with affordable pieces because I think it gives the look a uniqueness with a little edge. Good style isn’t always in the dolla bills ya’ll, it’s in the personality of the clothes themselves, how you outfit them together, but most importantly the smile you rock them with.

Now, let me introduce you to my some of my favorite new fall pieces.


Hat // Brooklyn Hat Co. :: Dress // Express :: Necklace // Jenny Bird :: Boots // Zadig & Voltaire :: Purse // Best of Everything

Fall-3 Fall-4 Fall-5 Fall-6 Fall-7 Fall-8 Fall-9 Fall-10

‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself’ – Coco Chanel

Thanks for stopping by my loves. I hope you enjoyed this look, and please, if you have any amazing Fall or Winter staples that are a must in your closet, comment below. I’d love to hear!



Backyard Travels with JT Ed. 2 Part 4: Ocracoke, NC


Happy Friday my loves!

I am so sad that this is the last installment of Edition 2 for Backyard Travels with JT. I have had so much fun writing and sharing with you about one of my favorite places to travel, while also being able to look back at all the photos and reminisce. That being said, I’ll just have to start planning more trips to take 🙂 Any suggestions on where I should go?

Now without further ado, my favorite part about going to the OBX…Ocracoke Island!


:: How to get there ::

No matter which direction you’re coming from, the only way to get to Ocracoke is by a ferry. Which personally in my opinion is half the fun. I love being on boats and depending on where you ship out from the ride takes anywhere from 30 min – 1 hour. The ferry is extremely convenient because you can drive right on and off. No worries about transportation once you get to Ocracoke.

There are 3 ports you can go out of to get there.

From the South = Cedar Island

From the West = Swan Quarter

From the North = Hatteras

Here is a link that gives you all the times and and updates on how to get there.

For live feed on delays or change of departure times you can follow them via twitter @NCDOT_FERRY





:: Where to Stay ::

1. Silver Lake Motel Inn (One word…Hammocks!)

2. Ocracoke Harbor Inn

3. The Castle at Silver Lake Bed and Breakfast

4. Blackbeards Lodge (Not on the water, but its safe to say it’s named after a famous Pirate, so it must be awesome, right?)





:: Where to Eat ::

1. Jolly Roger – Fish and Chips all the way! (On Silver Lake)

2. SmacNally’s – Love LOVE Love this place, great burgers, cocktails, and open air! (On Silver Lake)

3. Howard’s Pub & Raw Bar Restaurant

4. The Slushy Stand (Amazing Icecream)

5. Gypsy Juice Stand – It was a hot day and we were in heaven when we found this gem! There is also a ship right next to it called TJ Outfitters hot dog and walking taco boat stand. AMAZING and so cute!


Bag: Sseko (If you don’t know this company yet, click on the link, I promise you’ll be glad you did)











:: What to Do ::

1. Teach’s Hole

Blackbeard Exhibit – If you’re a pirate lover and have little kids, this was fun. It’s a very small exhibit, but the kids will really get a kick out of it and there is also some good true facts for the adults to indulge in. Arghhh Matey!

2. Rent a SUP Board, Kayak, or Learn how to surf from Ride the Wind Surf Shop.

3.Horse Back Riding. There are stories about beautiful wild horses that love to run through the islands wildlife. But if you’re not into taming a wild horse, you can get lessons at Charlie Horse Stables and ride along the beach and in the water. Definitely romantic, and definitely on my list!

4. Rent a Golf cart or bicycle and ride around the island. Ocracoke is very small and everything is condensed. Much easier to get around that way then driving and you can see more.














:: Where to Shop ::

1.Down Creek Gallery (My absolute FAVORITE)

2. Island Ragpicker – I got the most amazing woven rug from there!

3. Ride the Wind Surf Shop – Aside from rentals, this place is awesome for bathing suits, sunglasses, and cute island wear.

4. Village Craftsmen (Tons of handmade goodness)





That is it my loves! I hope that you loved spending time reading and looking at pictures of a vacation destination that is very special to me! Please leave comments if you have any questions about any of the areas or if there are any hidden gems you know about that I didn’t mention. I also need to give a huge shout out to Lori, and my mother, both of whom introduced me to these amazing places and especially to Lori for always welcoming me in her beautiful home.

Till the next adventure!



Backyard Travels with JT Ed. 2 Part 3: Buxton/Frisco/Hatteras


Happy Wednesday my loves!

It’s finally here…Part 3 of Backyard Travels in the OBX. I’ve grouped Buxton, Frisco, and Hatteras all in one post because they are pretty much on the same ‘Island’, but also this is where I have vacationed more than a few times at a family friends beautiful home.  It’s always amazing to me when I go on vacation here because it seems so small, yet there is always something new, fresh, and fun to do. While we were on our travels this time, we had the babies with us and found even more fun things to do that I previously never knew existed. Listen, age is just a number, kids know how to have real fun, and that is exactly what we did. I hope you do to, enjoy!


:: Where to Stay ::

Like I have said in my previous posts, rentals are the way to go when you visit the OBX but these hotels/motels definitely peaked my interest.

1. Lighthouse View (Buxton)

2. Cape Hatteras Motel (Buxton)

3. Inn on Pamlico Sound (Buxton) Great Wedding Spot

4. Ivey Coast (Hatteras)

5. Villas of Hatteras Landing (Hatteras)






:: Where to Eat ::

1. Diamond Shoals Restaurant (Buxton) and they serve SUSHI!!

2. Sandbar & Grill (Buxton) Great for watching the Sunset.

3. Rusty’s Surf and Turf (Buxton)

4. Gingerbread House Bakery (Frisco) Funny combination, but they had amazing pizza and awesome pastries/coffee. Double whammy in my book!

5. Scotch Bonnet Fudge and Gifts (Frisco) As seen on the Food Network and yes it is worth going to for gifts and of course the fudge.

6. The Wreck (Hatteras) Great place to grab a cocktail while you do a little (or a lot) of shopping before hopping on the ferry to Ocracoke.

7. Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant (Hatteras)

Diamond Shoals







:: What to Do ::

1. Deep Sea Fishing – There are a ton of Marina’s but we went through Hatteras Harbor Marina and fished on the ‘Lucky Chip’ with Captain Neff. I personally love to fish, especially deep sea fishing so it is a must for me when traveling. Its beautiful, relaxing yet exciting, and you get to eat your catch once you’re done. Completely rewarding if you ask me!

2. Mini Golf and Go-Carting – Yes I know, we traveled across country to do something that essentially we could do everyday back home. But let me tell you, we had SO much fun, and it was the perfect outing with all of the little ones.

3. Shopping – Most of the stores around here are gift stores, but I’ve found some of the most eclectic pieces from jewelry, to pottery, and even art. Just drive down Rt. 12 and stop at the first shop that looks interesting. It’s what we always do.

4. Light House Climbs – Research it, you’ll thank me later!

5. Seaworthy Gallery – I have not been here but this is something that is high on my list.













:: Best Beaches ::

1. Cape Point (Hatteras) This is where you can see the famous Light House.

2. Frisco has great 4×4 beach driving and recreation. There is also a spot that is right off Rt. 12 that has a nice bathroom and showers to clean up after all the salt, sand, sun and fun.

3. Right across from this spot in Frisco you have the Pamlico Sound, which as we heard from a local, is the perfect location to go kite-boarding. I’m sure also for SUP boarding and kayaking. However, you will have to rent them beforehand.










Thanks for stopping by, I really really appreciate it 🙂

I hope that you’ve been enjoying this series of Backyard Travels with JT. Traveling is such an important aspect of my life and I hope that I am inspiring others to take that trip they’ve been dreaming about going on. Traveling is more than just a luxury, there’s inspiration to be had, culture to be learned, people to meet, new languages to learn, hearts to be stirred, desires to arise, respect to be gained. But most importantly I think it personally helps us as humans grow…within ourselves, but also with the world and the people we share it with.

I have one more part for my travels in the OBX and that is Ocracoke. Till then…



#MotivationMonday :: Love Yourself


Happy Monday my loves!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!! I definitely did. I just got back from visiting my beautiful Grandmother down in Florida with ALL of my girl cousins. She wasn’t able to come up to Chicago this summer so we decided to go down and surprise her…and oh my gosh, she was soooo surprised. I still can’t believe we pulled it off, it was amazing and beautiful and definitely an experience I am sure none of us will ever forget.

My awesome cousin Amanda took these photos of me and as we were taking them my whole thought process sort of evolved and turned into something completely different. Something more beautiful than the pictures themselves. You see, never in a million years did I think I would be posting photos of myself in a bikini, non the less on a blog for everyone in the world to see. People are so ridiculed these days for merely nothing. Not being skinny enough, wearing to much makeup, not being pretty enough, not being smart enough, saying the wrong thing, it has gotten out of control.

I’ve recently had personal insecurities about my weight, and what I look like. I’ve also recently been guilty of thinking I couldn’t be happy or at peace until I took the weight off, and looked like something else. I was originally taking these photos to showcase one of the new designs for my label I am starting. But while taking these photos I had a moment, a moment while walking down the beach in a bikini posing for photos that I thought, screw this, this post is for the girls out there who are insecure, the ones who don’t feel beautiful and should be told their beautiful everyday. The one’s who have humongous hearts and deserve the world and deserve to be happy and at peace and live with wild abandon and not care about what other people think or say. I know I have lived way to long with that mindset myself, and just looking back at these pictures I know in those moments I felt it. I felt it because I know…I know deep down who I am, what I have, and what I can accomplish. So today I just wanted to say love yourself, be kind to yourself, and celebrate yourself, today and everyday. You are beautiful the way you are right now and if there are things you need to work on, acknowledge them, write them down, work hard at them every single day, but please, don’t let a day go by without recognizing and celebrating your own worth.















LastHat : Eugenia Kim Bathing Suit: Victoria Secret (Old) Coverup: triphahn (coming soon)

Thanks for stopping by. I truly hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any inspiring words or advice, please leave in the comments!



Backyard Travels with JT Ed. 2 Part 2: Avon


Happy Thursday my loves!

I have really enjoyed writing up these Backyard Travels with JT and today I am transporting us back to Avon, NC. This was my first time actually staying in Avon, and I loved it. In the past I have stayed at a family friends home in Buxton, so it was a nice change of pace and scenery. This house also had a pool, which I think is an absolute must because even though you have the sound and the ocean to choose from, you can swim there all day everyday. It’s especially great if you are traveling with kids because its safe and convenient. One thing I love to do while traveling is ask any locals what their favorite place to eat is, and what their favorite thing to do during their free time is. We got a lot of great recommendations this trip and most of the places did not disappoint. I hope you enjoy Avon just as much as we did!


:: Where to Stay ::

As I mentioned in my previous post we rented a house here in Avon through the Surf or Sound Realty which would be my first recommendation. However, if all you want to do is get your toes wet and start small, I have asked around and researched the best places to stay Resort/Hotel wise in the Avon area.

1. Koru Village Resort and Spa – This place has so many amazing amenities to it! Plus it is on the higher end scale.

2. Avon Motel – You’ve got a bed, you’ve got a beach…what more do you need.

3. Sands of Time Camp Ground – for the more rustic travelers.


:: Where to Eat ::

It’s not that I just like to eat, but I love to eat and I appreciate food…any and all food. So this is usually the number one thing I research before I travel. Obviously you can find  fresh, yummy, amazingly delicious fish and seafood anywhere in the Outer Banks.  But here it’s with out the outrageous price points. The following were by far my favorite places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.


Typically we made our own breakfast at the house but these places were also super delicious.

1. Oceana’s Bistro (Great for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


1. Top Dog – This place is a town away in Waves, however it is the closest to Avon which is why I am including it here. They have amazing fish tacos!

2. Froggy Dog – This place was pretty much our go to. Big bar area, tv’s which was crucial since it was the Stanley Cup Playoffs. GO HAWKS!


1. Pangea – I absolutely loved this place. It is right by the Avon Pier, has an awesome ambiance, AND of course great food. There is a park in the back, a beautiful beer garden and the night we ate there, they had a stand up comedian on the patio. Two thumbs up for sure.

2. Catch 55 – make sure to get there early, or later. Place fills up fast.


Last but not least, dessert. Now there is a Dairy Queen, and it was walking distance from our house, which we did frequent for the first two nights there since the Jurrasic Blizzard was all the rage. But then my sister-in-law found this magical pink and orange house that had THE best desserts, we refused to search for anything else in the area!

1. Island Time Cups & Cones













Butter Pecan Ice Cream…my favorite…of all time!


:: What to Do ::

1. Avon Pier: You have to pay to get on the actual pier, but you can fish without getting a license. We also posted up there one day underneath the pier for shade while we played in the sand, went boogie boarding, and watched the surfers.

2. Water Sports: You can rent anything you want through Ocean Atlantic Rentals, whether it be bikes, kayaks, SUP boards, etc. They also have tons of awesome Rental shops with local’s who are great at giving lessons. For instance, the one thing I wanted to try but couldn’t fit in time wise was kite-boarding. Different from wind-surfing, which is another awesome thing to try out on the sound. The sound is a great, safe and easy place to learn, mostly because it is very shallow, but also because of the way the wind flows through there you can get an epic ride 100’s of yards out. You can learn more about the different water sports and lessons here. This was the best place in the Avon area I read about.

3. Beach It- There are so many different beaches to choose from. Some smaller ones on the sound side, and pretty much the whole east side of Avon is a beach on the ocean, duh! Just make sure to bring an umbrella, the sun’s game is strong there! We mostly hung out at the beach by the Avon Pier, which was nice since it had the outdoor showers, and a bathroom.

4. Klub Koru – The house we rented has a standing membership with the Klub Koru so we had access to all the amenities without having to pay an extra fee. This is definitely an unbelievable resort and definitely worth looking into. They offer Yoga classes on the beach, concerts, and beach club parties for adults and teens, so the whole family can enjoy.

5. Relax! This is an obvious one, yet I feel people always need to have a set itinerary and every second of everyday has to be utilized. Let me just say, we packed in a ton of activities, but our favorite days were just sleeping in, having breakfast, getting out on the sound via SUP board or kayak, and then just swim and lay by the pool all day. Letting your mind turn off and just finding balance in your life is the best thing a person can do for themselves and those around them.








And of course, you do not want to miss the epic sunsets the Sound Pamlico has to offer!

Thank you so much for stopping by and going back to Avon with me. These photos are making me miss it real bad. I hope you loved it as much as we did, and please if you have been there or have any questions, please leave your comments below. I would love to know!

xo Jaclyn

Backyard Travels with JT Ed. 2 Part 1: OBX


Happy Tuesday my loves!

Let me first start off by saying, Cape Hatteras, NC, or OBX to some, may possibly be one of my favorite places in the U.S. I know I still have a lot of places yet to visit. But here, on the Outer Banks, there’s just something more, something I feel…an energy and vibe I get that I haven’t gotten anywhere else. As you know, I love to travel. But this place, this place is serenity, it’s adventure, it’s new every time. Having been there 4 times now, mingling with the locals, diving in the deep end, jiving with the first mates, I feel I have enough background to do a solid post for #BackyardtravelswithJT and I’m so excited to share one of my favorite places with you. But to start off, I first want to show you where the outer banks are!

originalAs you can see from the map, the Outer Banks of North Carolina are just off the Northern Coast of the state. These hidden gems are absolutely worth making a trip to see and experience. The Pamlico Sound side of the Outer Banks offers a ton of amazing water sports such as kiteboarding, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing, swimming, and the occasional stingray sighting. There is also some amazing sightseeing to do such as the Avon Pier, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and Ocracoke Island where Blackbeard the Pirate once frequented.  The outer banks truly have so much to offer for adults and kids a like. So much that I am going to break down this Edition of Backyard Travels into 4 parts.


Today for Part 1, I am going to talk more logistics; how to get there, grocery shopping, liquor shopping, renting anything and everything you might need, when to book, and where to stay.  Part 2 will be all about Avon. Part 3 Buxton and Frisco. Finally Part 4 will be my favorite, Ocracoke. Let’s get started!

8Suitcases: Samsonite Spinner Luggage

:: How to get there ::

We flew from Chicago O’hare into Norfolk, VA. This is the closest international airport and is still a 2 1.5 – 3 hour drive into the OBX. You will need to rent a car no matter what. Typically the house rental check-ins/outs are Saturday to Saturday. That being said if you are flying in on a Saturday fly early, and drive early. Otherwise be prepared to sit in traffic. What we did for this last trip was fly in late Friday night, stayed at a hotel close to the airport, and then drove out early Saturday morning to beat the traffic. There is plenty to see and do along the way. This is also the perfect time to get your grocery shopping done. Don’t forget to stop at the dunes on your way to wiggle your toes in the sand and maybe have a beer or two!


Cheers to vacation!

mePants: Young Fabulous & Broke Hat: Eugenia Kim Boots: Sam Edelman


My niece is obsessed with planes, and has become a very good flyer. I have no personal advice for flying with kids, yet, seeing that I have none. BUT Taza one of my favorite bloggers has an amazing article all about traveling with kids if you are interested.



This place was open late, and regardless of the fact that we were starving, it was really yummy!



One must always stop at a Waffle House for a waffle, right?


On our way!


My favorite beer…of all time…ALL time!


12Bag: HammitLA


This picture reminded me of a very important recommendation I would like to make, so listen up! Since we went during the summer, it was hot, sunny, and incredibly beautiful. However, the sand was hotter than he**! The beaches are very wide and long so be smarter than us, bring water shoes, or gym shoes anything really to protect your feet while you walk on the beach.


:: Grocery Shopping ::

I am a sucker for Farmer Markets. Truly they make me oddly happy and excited. So luckily for us, on the drive from Norfolk to the OBX, there are a few places in the countryside that offer fresh, amazing produce. This is one thing I consider a necessity but it is also part of the experience. We’ve stopped at a few different places in the past, but Powell’s Road Side Market is my favorite. It might also be because I have a thing for red barns…Located right on US Route 168, it’s conveniently on the way to the Outer Banks. There will also be plenty of actual grocery stores on the drive in, but I would recommend stopping in whichever town you are staying at. Food Lion Grocery Store is one of the main stores located on the different islands. This is also something I would recommend doing fast and early, especially since it’s typically the first thing on everyone’s list so it gets a little cray cray in the store.


Tip ::

Since there was so many of us we pre-planned our meals so we could create a grocery list of what was needed, but then also had a wishlist from everyone. This made shopping a lot easier and everyone was fed & happy. Whatever you don’t eat that’s still sealed you can leave for the realty company and they will donate it to the food bank. I mean, how amazing is that!

1425Dress: Hollister Shoes: Converse (Custom)



24These peaches were the best I’ve ever had…ever.


:: Liquor and Beer Shopping ::

Something like this doesn’t seem to warrant its own section, but it does. First of all, the state of North Carolina still has strict laws about liquor and also controls the sale of it. That being said, if you want to make yummy Mai Tai’s on your vacation, you can, you are just limited to the places where you can purchase the liquor and how much you can purchase. Beer and wine on the other hand, is so extremely convenient and might I say fun to buy out there. Let me introduce you to the ‘Brew Thru’!


Bru Thru’s are located once you hit the Kitty Hawk area and will continue on pretty much until Rodanthe. This would be the time I would recommend buying your beer and wine and stocking up. Literally, you drive thru as if you were going through a fast food line, put your order in, and they’ll even put it in the trunk for you!


We stopped at ABC Liquor in Dare County, Nags Head before heading into Avon. Highly, highly recommend making the stop here and stocking up on whatever your liquor choices may be. They had literally everything. Once you get into the Avon, Buxton area there’s few places if any to buy liquor aside from dining out.



:: Where to stay and how to Book ::

The best way, in my opinion, to truly experience the Outer Banks is by renting a house.  We went through the Surf or Sound Realty Company. Their site is so easy to navigate and gives you thorough pictures and pricing of the different houses you can stay at. We rented house #677 – Tarpon Watch, and she was amazing! Right on the canal to the sound and only 2 blocks away from the beach and ocean. I’d also recommend visiting their site when booking for vacation planning, as they have up to date event calendars and things to do during your stay. You can book through them 51 weeks in advance, and I highly recommend you book ASAP. Preview their homes and find the one you love with the location you want and set a date. These places go fast, I promise!







Some of the most colorful sunsets I’ve seen.


:: Water Sport and Home Rentals ::

Last but not least, let’s talk about rentals. Most houses will NOT have cribs, pack’n’plays, linens, water sport equipment, lawn chairs, umbrellas, etc. Let me just say, do not let that deter you from coming here. Ocean Atlantic Rentals needs to be bookmarked for your next stay in the Outer Banks right now. Not only do they have everything you need or want, its at a great price, AND they will deliver; drop off and pick up at no extra charge! It is built into their rental cost, which is usually for a full week or two. On our trip we rented two cribs, two stand up paddle boards, and a kayak. It was delivered there and waiting for us as soon as we arrived. On our departure day, we set the rentals out front, and they came for pick up. No fuss.




I truly hope you found this post helpful and inspiring. Please let me know what you thought and if you have traveled or plan on traveling to the OBX. I’d love to hear about your travels. Keep a look out for the 2nd Part of our trip, which will be all about Avon.

xo Jaclyn

Backyard Travels with JT Ed. 1 : Lake Geneva, WI

Lake-GenevaHappy Thursday my loves!

Today’s post is a New Series I am very passionate and excited about starting, called ‘Back Yard Travels with JT’. If you read my #30×30 List then you must of caught on to the fact I am in wanderlust mode and want to travel pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I truly believe we need to grow, to learn, to adapt, to culture ourselves with the rest of the world around us. We should gain knowledge of how other people live, work, and play. Gaining a new understanding firsthand, I believe, can cultivate and nurture respect for all those around us. In our own country, and in those that we have yet to experience. That being said, I want to encourage you to travel in your own backyard, your backyard being the world. Where there’s a will there’s a way. These trips don’t have to be glamorous or high end. They don’t have to be a whole week but a few days. Just get out and explore and do it with an open mind and heart and a little wild abandon.

While I explore this beautiful world, my mission for this series is to help inspire you. Where to stay, what do, where to eat, and of course where to shop! But I also hope in some areas of travel, we can connect and find ways to give back to the communities we go to. I plan on finding all of these things out during my travels, and I plan on sharing it right here with all of you!

Ed. 1 :: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


There are so many amazing hotels and resorts its intimidating to know you’ve chosen the right one until you’re there.  We stayed at Harbor Shores on a whim and the rooms were nice. There wasn’t anything over the top about this hotel, EXCEPT the fact that it was on the water AND walking distance to the downtown area. If you are staying in Lake Geneva during the summer, it’s definitely worth the extra money to stay somewhere lakeside. The following list are my recommendations:

1. The Abbey Resort :: Romantic Getaway

+ Lakefront Resort :: Great Spa :: Quiet, Peaceful area // – Opposite end of downtown area

2. The Geneva Inn :: Girlfriends Getaway

+ Beautiful Lakefront Resort :: Next to Big Foot Beach State Park // – 10 min. drive downtown

3. The Cove of Lake Geneva :: Family Getaway

+ Great for groups :: Indoor/Outdoor Pool :: Adult & Kid Friendly :: Lakefront Resort :: Walk to downtown

4. Maxwell Mansion :: For the Time Traveler

+ Beautiful Grounds and Rooms :: Walk to water and downtown // – Limited Rooms (Book Early)

5. Grand Geneva Resort and Spa :: Romantic Getaway for a Golfing Duo

+ Gorgeous Resort :: Great Spa :: Golf Course :: Secluded // – 15 to 20 minute drive to downtown and the lake :: $$$ (But well worth it) – Book Early




:: Brunch ::

1. The Baker House – Can we say champagne brunch for $32 all you can eat and drink!! This place made me so happy 🙂

2. Simple Cafe – Uses local farmers and bakers

:: Lunch/Dinner ::

1. Pier 290 – Awesome outdoor area right on the water

2. Chucks Lakeshore Inn – Great Bar, Great Food, Great Views

:: Late Night Snack::

1. Olympic Restaurant – Great Breakfast, Open Late (It was a must while we were there!)









1. SHOP Obviously! The downtown area is so quaint and gorgeous with so many eclectic stores. Here were some of my favorites!

:: Bangles & Bags – Amazing & affordable accessories :: Fancy Fair Mall – They had THE best home goods stuff (for the boho eclectic) I will definitely be going back when I decorate my house! :: BLOOMINGBYRDS – Probably my favorite woman’s clothing store in all of downtown :: Cornerstone Shop & Gallery – An endless abyss of home decor and nicknacks, they even had an amazing kids section

2. Weather permitting, just get outside. It’s so beautiful here, just soak it all in!

:: Rent a boat or Jet ski :: Take a tour of the lake on one of the many boat tours :: Pack a picnic and go to one of the many beautiful beaches :: Golf :: Check out the Hotels with outdoor water parks :: Bar Hop ::

3. If the weather is not in your favor

:: Go to one of the resorts with indoor water park :: SPA :: See a movie :: Bar Hop ::


BB-2 BB-3

Mall-1 Mall-2


corner-2 Corner



The End!

I hope you enjoyed this first Edition of ‘Back Yard Travels with JT’. Please let me know if you enjoyed this, if it was helpful to you, or even if you have any suggestions. Write in the comments below or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you. Until our next adventure….xo