Pave the Way


Happy Thursday my loves!

Love this community and love these women… if you haven’t heard of them yet, I HIGHLY (no really, I HIGHLY) recommend you check them out and then get back to me on what you think.  There is nothing more amazing and humbling to see a group of women work their butts off, cheer each other on, and be positive and constant support for one another.

Thanks Karena and Katrina from Tone it Up for changing lives and making an amazing and wonderful difference in this world.

xo dLondie

*Photo Credit: KARENAKATRINA Instagram



Happy Wednesday my loves!

It’s unfortunate the cycle that is created when we start focusing on things we want and need for our loved ones. Placing all of our attention on the outcome, we neglect what matters most, which was initially obtaining happiness for our loved ones.  Life is one long, tight-rope balancing act.  I know lucky for me, just like at the circus, I’ve had a net to catch me when I’ve fallen, and Lord knows I have fallen numerous times.  And that’s OK! But I know what I will and will not sacrifice, I now know what my values are (which may have been one of the hardest moments of my life, yet most rewarding).  Creating a solid foundation for yourself may be, in my opinion, the hardest struggle but the most meaningful and life altering achievement.  When you have that solid foundation no person, event, or outside source can change your character or be allowed to interfere with your values.

Never let the things which matter most, be at the mercy of those which matter least.

xo dLondie



Happy Monday my loves!

Believing you can do something, living your dreams, being the person you want to be is the first step…Working hard and with Integrity everyday is the next, and most important. Don’t ever settle or let people change your beliefs and morals just to succeed in someone else’s race. This is yours…it’s a new week to live out dreams and ideas, and fulfill your goals, finish those To-Do lists.  Work hard always! It’s the most rewarding after everything said and done. Just knowing you worked your butt off should be accomplishment enough and is the secret to being happy and enjoying life everyday.

I watched this little video over the weekend that my boyfriend found…so glad he did because it’s a pretty awesome clip that applies to any dream (Thanks handsome for finding this)….NOW, go watch!

Arnold Schwarzenegger – “Who do YOU want to be in life?”

xo dLondie

*Photo Credit: Women’s Running*

Within Us


Happy Friday my loves!

Hope everyone has a great and relaxing weekend! We are going over to my Mother’s house tomorrow night for a Shrimp boil! I have not had Shrimp in 3 years since an unfortunate and random allergic reaction.  However after testing, I am not ‘allergic’ to shrimp and apparently it was a freak accident.  So after getting an EPIPEN and some Benadryl, this is the weekend we face my Shrimpy Fear.  Ahhhh Wish me luck!

xo dLondie

Given a Gift


Happy Thursday my loves!

Just remember, as bad as a day can be or get…you’ve been given another day to breath, to fix mistakes, to smile, to love…that’s the greatest gift of all.  Appreciate it. It CAN be that easy…it’s your choice.

xo dLondie