Happy Tuesday my loves!

With all things in life…we should have a little enthusiasm, because what else is the point? Choose something that is more than work to you, something to take pride in…then your enthusiasm will just naturally shine through.  It is something that feels positive and contagious and may just inspire the very next person you talk to today.

Stay inspired!

xo dLondie

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Be a Leader


Happy Monday my loves!

Let’s get off to a good start this Monday…I love this quote and I appreciate the thought process that follows reading it. “The fastest way to apply anything in your life is to help others to apply it… The fastest way to use any wisdom that resides in your soul is to help someone else… Because we are all one.”.  -Neal Donald Walsch

We are all one and we are all searching for love and hope and guidance and help…but maybe just maybe instead of waiting for it and searching for it, WE are the ones giving ourselves to help others, encourage others, love others. Then we can receive that love, hope, and guidance we’re all striving for. Think about it…

What can you do today, to help make a positive influence….

xo dLondie

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It’s a Choice


Happy Thursday my loves!

Today, start living your life…NOW.  Don’t wait for circumstances to change or the day you feel better, shift your way of thinking and tell yourself TODAY is the DAY! Today I will take a chance on the things I dream about, today I will allow myself to be wildly passionate about something and just go for it. Today I will not be afraid, today I choose to start living!

It’s a choice, nothing has to happen to make that choice. It’s up to you and your life can start right now…I hope it does 🙂

xo dLondie



Happy Monday my loves!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend, I sure did! Spent quality time with my man and with family and it was a great weekend, actually one of the best in awhile so I am feeling very grateful starting off my week.

Sending lots of love and encouragement out today. No matter what your dreams are or what you want to accomplish, loving yourself and having a STRONG, POSTIVE self-image, where you respect yourself and honor your values and voice is the biggest accomplishment of all. After that, chasing your dreams almost seems easy. Just know you are worth it.

Have an amazing, wonderful, and inspiring week!

xo dLondie

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‘Surround yourself with the DREAMERS and the DOERS, the BELIEVERS and the THINKERS, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the GREATNESS within you, especially when you don’t see it yourself.’