Plain and Simple


Happy Wednesday my loves!

Aside from circumstances, losses, or anything in life… Waking up and deciding to Enjoy the Day is purely that simple. I know I’ve felt this concept to be frustrating and disputable at times, but even in the darkest hour YOU have the freedom to choose happiness, to choose to enjoy today despite any disparity. If you disagree, all I ask and invite you to do is take a moment to allow yourself to just think about
the concept and what it can do for you… Ready, set, GO!

Xo dLondie

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I am officially starting my first installment of Fitness Tuesday! Why…ACCOUNTABILITY and of course to hopefully inspire.

Ever since my boyfriend used that term it has stuck heavily with me.  We are all accountable for our actions and what we do and who we are.  In 2010 I lost my father to stomach cancer and it wrecked me emotionally and I’d be lying if I said I still don’t struggle with it to this day.  But watching him struggle with his health and how it affected those around him, I made a promise to myself to always be cautious and to love my body so I would not only be physically healthy but also mentally as well. For my friends, for my family, and eventually for my own children.  When he passed away I knew I needed an outlet, something to keep me heavily focused so I wouldn’t turn down a dark path or enter into dark activities.  So I chose to start training.


I started training 2 times a week at REBELL Conditioning and it was exactly what I needed.  I truly had no business spending that money on a trainer but it was healthy and therapeutic all in one so I will say hands down it was completely worth it. I was fortunate enough to be invited into a gym with incredibly intelligent trainers all of whom cared not just for training but for the individual they were training as well, and THAT made a huge difference. I learned more about my body than I thought I would. I understood technique, I learned the importance of recovery and mobility, and essentially I learned to respect my body and I felt great despite my mourning.


Fast forward to now…I would not say I am out of shape, but I am 5’7″ and 158 lbs. (it pains me to write that but f*ck it…that’s going to change!) I let life catch up with me and somehow found myself off balance again, and guess what THAT’S OK, it happens.  Once you accept that fact, it’s time to move forward and make changes. I am in no position to afford a gym or trainer right now, but that isn’t going to stop me, I have so much knowledge that was taught to me from my previous trainers….and I have nature,  a garage, and P90X 😉



So I want to invite you to come on this journey with me…every Tuesday I want to hold myself accountable for documenting and writing GREAT workouts I had throughout the week and share them with you.  Just note I AM NOT a trainer and not trying to portray myself to be…I am just a woman on a journey back to her healthy self physically, emotionally, mentally. I do want to express the importance of talking to a trainer or physician before you do any intense workouts on your own, for your current and future safety. With great workouts comes great food 😉 Sundays I am going to have a Creative and Healthy Food Post as well so look out for that.


Please let me know if you have questions, ideas, motivation, or just want to ramble on like myself…Write the comments below and no matter what, things can always get better if you just change your point of view and work hard, and smiling, smiling always makes things better!

xo dLondie


Intelligene is Sexy


Happy Tuesday my loves!

I am the queen of curiosity…it can be cute, it can be admirable and it can be plain annoying. Let’s just say, Google is my best friend.  But in all honesty I think intelligence is sexy for men and women…

Being knowledgeable is one thing…but seeking knowledge and reaching out to understand things past what we already know is key for every aspect in life.

Better understanding can help businesses grow and thrive, it can benefit relationships at work and especially at home. It can help with cultural and even racial issues.

So if you find yourself in a rut or stagnate, work smarter…allow yourself the opportunity to change, and to learn more, and to grow more. Before giving up or placing judgment and blame on things we don’t quite get…seek first to understand and then go from there. It doesn’t hurt to be awesomely knowledgeable 😉

xo dLondie

At Your Fingertips


Happy Monday my loves!

It’s been awhile…here is a post that resonates deeply with myself right now.  We are thrown off balance from time to time in life, which can be difficult. Realizing it is even harder, but true strength sets in when you take a look at yourself and realize what needs to be done, what changes have to occur before relationships are broken, loved ones are hurt, and before you lose yourself.

DON’T give up…love yourself, have courage and faith that everything will be alright. Be strong and fight on to be that better version of yourself…these are the moments in life that truly test and strengthen our character.  You are the one who determines your destiny and your fate.

You CAN find that balance again…the best part is when you do, you can be stronger, smarter, and happier.  There are more people than most realize, cheering us on, who want to see us succeed…believe that and believe in yourself and always always be grateful for the small things.

xo dLondie

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