Salmon x Mango Habanero


Happy Monday my loves!

I apologize for the late Recipe Post but here it is!!! Salmon may possibly be my favorite fish to eat and one of the most nutrient packed! There are also so many yummy ways to cook it. I have found the easiest way to cook it in a flash is the broiler. So here is my first Inspired Health Dish…

Salmon x Mango Habanero with Asparagus and Brown Rice:

The following ingredients and directions were made for my mother and I.  You can double triple, depending on how many people you are cooking for.


2 6oz. Salmon fillets with Skin (You can ask them at the fish Market to take skin off if you don’t like)

Sea Salt / Pepper

Old Bay

Coconut Oil

Asparagus (I usually cook the whole bushel they have at Whole Foods) Cooks about 3-4 Servings

Brown Rice (Uncle Bens 10 Min. has been by far the easiest to make)

Mango Salsa (I get mine from Whole Foods because it is easy, convenient, made fresh, but I can do a recipe making it if you’d like to see)

1/2 of a Habanero Pepper


1: Prep the Salmon by rinsing, then drying off and putting on a broiler pan.

2: Add Sea Salt*, Pepper to taste

3: I like the flavoring of the Coconut Oil to Compliment the Spiciness of Salsa but if you don’t have it, using baking Olive Oil works just as well.

4: Put Fish in fridge to let marinate a couple of minutes while you prep salsa.



5: Habanero Pepper: It is a small variety of a chili pepper, that is intensely hot so use sparingly at first to get the flavoring and spiciness you desire. The mango’s sweetness will level it out. ‘They contain a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and the compound capsaicin. Diets rich in the nutrients provided by habanero peppers may help prevent the development of a number of potentially serious medical conditions.’ Click Here to see more benefits.

6: Since the Habanero is so hot I put a glove on so the juices don’t get onto my skin while cutting it, and rub an eye, because let me tell you, you will be hurting. So use CAUTION. I like to cut up 1/2 of the pepper for a lot of spiciness. Finely chop the pepper and add to salsa.


*I like to add a little more flavoring, so before I put in the fish, I’ll throw a dash of Old Bay Seasoning on.*

7: Turn your broiler on low…set a timer for 15 minutes…put fish in.


8: After putting the fish in, start the rice which will take about 10 minutes. I use the Uncle Ben’s and follow the directions exactly as it says, it comes out perfect!


9: After starting the rice, it is time for asparagus. This will take about 8-10 minutes to cook. Wash, Clip and dry.

10: Turn the stove on Medium Heat…let the pan heat up, add 1/2 Tbsp. of Coconut Oil. When pan is heated up throw the asparagus in pan.

11: Use Sea Salt and Pepper as desired, I just use a dash of each. The Sea Salt is so flavorful and mixed with the coconut oil, you won’t need much seasoning…there’s already so many yummy flavors going on.

12: Cover the asparagus and toss every 2-3 minutes. Cook for 8 minutes or until tender.


12: Plate the rice first to place fish on top, add the mango/habanero salsa on top of fish, then the asparagus and voila.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first Health Recipe. Leave comments below and if there is anything else you would love to see. Also, if you try any of my recipes, I’d love for you to take a picture and tag me @dlondie or hashtag #dLhealthdish Happy Cooking and Healthy Eating!

xo dLondie

Fall into the Waterfall


Happy Friday my loves!

Although it may be Friday the 13th, it’s also Friday and the weekend, and I could not be more excited. Dinner tonight with my girls and a dear friend coming back into town, Saturday off to spend the day with my man, football on Sunday…lots to be grateful for.

Time and time again I find my mind drifting off into La-La-Londie Land, searching and dreaming of wild adventures I want to take, NEED to take. Time, money and work all get in the way and at moments I feel a sense of being entrapped. But then the thought occurred to me, maybe it’s not about the actuality of taking those adventures, but of allowing your soul and your mind and your body to think and feel wild adventures. To free yourself of burdens and time frames, deadlines, chaos…and to release the pressure we feel brought on by others.

The good news is it’s free…get lost in your own thoughts of wild adventures, explore your heart and your soul, of what you truly want and feel, what this life means to you, but most importantly what you want to do with it and essentially, how you want to leave it. It’s just as liberating as taking a trip to an exotic foreign country seeking visual and active adventure, except you can do it right now, right here….GO!

xo dLondie

**Photo Credit** W3Walls


‘Change is necessary in order to allow new things to come into your life’

Happy Thursday my loves!

Open up your soul today to change, to letting things happen unlike you thought they would, because new things, new people, new opportunities will come your way, and it may just be the way you were searching for.

xo dLondie

Style Mix::Day to Night


Jacket: Blank NYC Tank: Target Skirt: Thrifted Shoes: Converse Sunglasses: Michael Kors

There is nothing better than putting a look together that can magically be whipped into a sexy night outfit after working and running errands all day. I love this first look because it’s cool, its breezy, and its comfortable, but of course stylish. Putting together a cutesy skirt with Converse sneakers always makes me feel girly but fun and sporty. And this hairstyle…I mean its genius! Easy like 1-2-3 and guess what, after wearing it all day, you can just slip the headband off, and voila…gorgeous curls for a sexy, sultry look for date night and you won’t even keep him waiting (ok maybe just a bit 😉 I saw MakeupbyCamilla’s tutorial on it…check it out here. I just love her!



The best clutch in the world…by of course, my fav…Monserat de Lucca


Heels: Zara Necklace: Sorreli Wallet/Clutch: Olivia Harris (My new favorite bag designer)

BAM! Add a bold red lip for sex appeal, chunky/sparkly necklace for glamour, and a cute heel for just being fabulous. For this look I literally pulled the headband off and ran my fingers through my hair, tosseled it a bit, and you have gorgeous curly hair without even touching an iron.


I don’t like being to fussy going out, which is why this wallet/clutch has been with me for everything. It fits my phone, a small lip gloss, powder, and it zips so nothing falls out.


Hope you enjoyed my first Style Mix 🙂 Let me know what you think and if there is any other concoctions you’d like to see!

xo dLondie

Shine Bright

9-10-13Happy Tuesday my loves!

I will first handedly say this concept is not an easy one, but it is an incredible accomplishment and one that should be consistently practiced. Never let pain and discomfort take your joy away, never fall into the traps of negativity and disappointment.  We can’t control what others do or our trials and tribulations, but we can control our attitude, how hard we work, how we treat others and how we allow ourselves to look at our own accomplishments.  To not let outside sources or society tell us when we’ve succeeded or when we can be proud of ourselves.

We should always allow ourselves to feel, to let out our emotions, in a responsible manner. But we then need to dig deep and let our true solid character pull through and say ‘I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul’ and push forward with a smile on our face and love in our hearts.

Keep fighting, keep being you, keep loving, and most importantly…keep your JOY. Because the truth is, that is the one FREE thing we all have in this world today, the FREEDOM to not let anyone or anything take our joy away. So don’t let it.

xo dLondie

**Invictus** One of my most favorite Poems by William Ernest Henley, CHECK IT OUT HERE