Happy-HalloweenHappy Thursday my loves!

It’s Halloween!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!! I love this day, it is so fun and creative. The idea of transforming into something else for the day is exciting and the whole day altogether is very nostalgic to me 🙂 Are you going to dress up for any parties tonight? What are you going as? I am going to the ‘Florida Georgia Line’ Concert and I am beyond ecstatic. Not sure what I am going as yet, but check out my instagram later for pics! Have a safe and fun day/night my loves!

xo dLondie


10-30-13Happy Wednesday my loves!

I am admittedly the biggest chicken there is! At least I have been…there are so many things this past year I have tried that normally I wouldn’t because they scare me.  I owe a lot of the credit for getting me to do those things to my boyfriend, mostly because he is fearless and that energy rubs off on me but it’s also because I feel safe with him.  What I also learned from him was not only to trust him, but trust myself. To believe in myself. To truly know that I am smart enough to figure almost anything out. But most importantly, to trust that no matter what happens everything will work out the way it is suppose to.

What are you afraid of? How do you surpass your fears?

xo dLondie

One of a Kind

10-29-13Happy Tuesday my loves!

I could never understand why ‘different’ is often looked at as a negative.  I love different, I love unique, I love quirky and wild and crazy. Those are the ones that have something to offer, something ‘different’… Whether it is perspective or style.

We can all learn from each other in one way or another…so embrace your quirks and embrace your differences, because you have something amazing to offer that no on else in this world has! Let your true self SHINE!

xo dLondie

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Happy Monday my loves!

Hope everyone had a spook-tacular weekend! We dressed up for a party Saturday night and IT.WAS.AWESOME! I have been so enthralled with the ‘Sugar Skulls’ for  Dia De Los Muertos, soooo I decided to give the artwork a shot and it came out perfect. Even though I will admit to watching an embarrassingly amount of makeup tutorials on it, this one especially being my favorite by the ever so fabulous Michelle Phan. What did you dress up as or plan to dress up as??

Have an amazing Monday…and remember, LOVE yourself.

xo dLondie



Enjoy Today::Forever

10-25-13Happy Friday my loves!

It’s the freakin’ weekend and I could not be any more excited! Lots of Halloween Festivities that I cannot wait for!

I truly hope you all ENJOY today…AND the weekend…AND everyday going forward. YOU get to choose your attitude, and once you have mastered that concept, NOTHING and NOONE can stop you from living your best life now. Besides, we only have one here on Earth…make it a good one (**RESPONSIBLY of course**)

xo dLondie

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10-24-13Happy Thursday my loves!


Don’t ever let anything shake your faith, keep your dreams held high and never give up…I promise you’ll get there if you keep an attitude of faith. Your difficult experiences are there to increase you, test your character, but most importantly get you to where you want to be. So don’t avoid the difficulties. Embrace them, learn from them, and then move on from them! You deserve everything you put your heart into!

xo dLondie


10-23-13Happy Wednesday or should I say with emphasis :: HUMP DAY::

Not only is anger a very ugly feeling, but it is one that can ruin us…

Anger is a choice.

Forgive not only those that have hurt you, but forgive yourself. Look at the things you DO have instead of the things you don’t have. If someone has wronged you, forgive them and move on. Hanging onto anger is toxic, it spreads from one part of your life to the next without even noticing it.

Check your heart today, are there things that you are still holding anger onto, is it affecting your quality of life…the people you love…the dreams you want to accomplish? Write it down, review it, apologize to whomever and most importantly to yourself. Then, I personally like to burn the paper, as symbolism of letting that anger go…

I hope you have an amazing day and free yourself of any burden you are holding onto!

xo dLondie