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Happy Monday my loves!

Seems only fitting to start this week off with a quote about giving…

Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite Holiday’s. The food, the smells, the fires, the company, the cozy warm clothes, I become so nostalgic this time of year and I quite love it! Even before the holiday hits, I start thinking about everything I am grateful and beyond thankful for…no matter what I am going through, I try to always find a reason to be happy, grateful, and joyful, even if it is the tiniest things, which usually are the most important.

I hope you have a wonderful week…I hope you will take a moment this week and each day write down one thing, one person, one moment you are grateful and thankful for…tell those who you are thankful for. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to come around for those moments of gratitude…practice it everyday and see how your life and those lives around you benefit for the better!

xo dLondie

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Know This


Happy Thursday my loves!

I have to give credit where credit is due…ALWAYS…and this ‘Quote/Inspiration’ comes from this amazingly talented, and extremely inspiring yogi…who is just a regular down ass chick! I follow her instagram/facebook everyday for a dose of happiness and inspiration. You can check  her out HERE Rachel is her name…I would HIGHLY recommend it!

As far as today goes…find peace where you are at in life right NOW…KNOW that you are meant to be right where you are because it is molding you, shaping you, teaching you, preparing you for everything that is ahead and everything that is right now. Find faith in the unknown, it will bring you peace of mind, happiness, and eventually success. Whatever problems you are having or even successes be proud of who you are and where you’re at because you have a choice to be happy NOW and continue to work hard NOW and work towards that dream NOW. GO GET IT and NEVER give up, regardless of where you are at.

Have a FANTASTIC Thursday…it’s almost the weekend!

xo dLondie

What day is it?!

Check out my girl Tristan’s blog as she fights the fight most of us have with our addiction to sugar…well at least that is me (Gosh I love my sweet treats too)!!! Good Luck my love on your challenge, if anyone can do it I know it is you!


mike mike mike mike mike, I know you can hear me! What day is it?! HUMP DAAAAAAY!

ok so now I feeler better! So lets talk sugar! I am officially 4 days into my sugar beat down and have been pretty impressed with what I can do! I have definitely gone down the slowly ween myself off route so I have allowed myself a piece of chocolate or a chocolate rice cake a day when I need it.  My addiction to crack, I mean sweets is like a crazy ex girlfriend. You need to let her down slowly or that b***** will come back full force. So I have been pretty proud of myself and haven’t had too big of cravings. My hope is to remove all sugar besides a serving of fruit a day by next week.

so lets talk about the rough side of this. I have had…

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::BE:: extraordinary


Happy Wednesday my loves!

Clearly I have had a theme this week so far, that I wasn’t even aware of doing until now. However, it seems appropriate and obvious since these are the things I have been struggling with personally…so if you are reading this know, you are not alone. Let’s work through each hardship with integrity, patience, guidance, compassion, drive, and passion. Taking that first baby step already makes you extraordinary…now let’s take that first step together!

Happy Hump Day!!! No go be awesome.

xo dLondie

and She ::Sparkled::

11-5-13Happy Tuesday my loves!

Letting go of all the things weighing me down today…taking one baby step at a time towards my future…towards the future meant for me…towards my dream…

I hope you will do the same!

xo dLondie

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Eyes Wide Open


Happy Monday my loves!

Sometimes it can be hard to remember all the things that you are blessed with in a time of pain, heartache, or when you are being challenged.  Make it a point the next time negative emotions run through your body, to take  a DEEP BREATH, RELAX your BODY, CALM your MIND, and list off all the things that you are BLESSED with. Almost immediately after, your mindset about what ever situation you are in will turn around in a positive way, and you will be able to approach it more proactively.

I also like to write all my blessings in a journal or in my smartphone. So even when I am feeling positive and happy, I can still go back and look over everything I have been so blessed with, and Thank God for all those things. Because we should always be thankful, not just when we are in a time of need.

I hope you all have an amazing and proactive week…getting the little things done to reach your goals and dreams!

xo dLondie