::DIY:: Jewelry Storage


Happy Wednesday my Loves!

Today I bring you a DIY that I now wonder why I’ve taken so long to do. It is under $5.00, takes about 30 minutes (depending on how much jewelry you have) and looks aesthetically pleasing. I’m so in love with how it turned out, and how much more organized I feel. The best part to me, is that now I can SEE my jewelry and know what I have. This definitely makes me utilize all my favorite pieces and helps me to switch it up everyday. I hope you enjoy!



From my actual jewelry box to the top of my dresser everything was just mish-mashed and unappealing. I would typically grab the jewelry I wore the day before because it was what I threw on top the night before.

Tip: When I went into the DIY and organization process I went with a ‘Merchandising’ mindset. I have worked in retail as a merchandise manager for 5 years now and one thing for sure is when laid out right, everything looks more appealing and sells fast. Try keeping pieces next to each other that you love wearing together. Whether it be a stack of bracelets or rings, earrings and a necklace. Not only does this keep things organized and pretty, but it proves in aiding the getting ready process to go a lot faster.



Step 1:

I literally took out all my jewelry and laid it out to organize. Put the posts by the posts, drop earrings together, and studs by the studs. The reason for this is that the chain we are going to hang in this DIY will hold all your drop earrings and hoops.

Take your time in this step to do other things with your jewelry, like clean them, or outfit them with your clothes, and even stow away the ones you don’t wear but cherish in a special box for keepsakes.


Step 2:

This part is based on where you want to hang your earrings…it could be on a wall or maybe a picture frame…I chose to do it on the side of my dresser because I felt that it looked less cluttered in my room.

Take your hammer and nail:  Measure where you want your starting point to be. I measured mine so the chain drooped a little bit, but by all means you can pull it tight so it goes straight across.


Step 3:

Hammer the first nail in desired area…

Step 4:

Measure and Measure again…mark where the second nail will go…hammer the second nail in…

Step 5:

Hang your chain and admire how beautiful it looks 😉


Step: 6

Start hanging and organizing your gorgeous jewels and watch the beauty of organization unfold.





Don’t forget about your necklaces! I repeated the exact same steps with the SECOND CHAIN on the other side of my dresser to hang my longer chunky necklaces.



You can either clip the necklaces around the chain if it is too thick, but I found most of the clasps were big enough to clip on to the actual chain.




 DONATE :: I go through all my belongings before the beginning of a season to reorganize, toss, and pull to donate. One of my favorite Organizations I donate to is WINGS…you can read more about them under my ‘Organizations‘ Tab. There are always those special pieces you never want to get rid of, but the one’s you’ve used and are now picking up dust, donate…there is someone else out there that will cherish them next.

Thank you so so much for stopping by today and reading about this DIY, I truly appreciate it. I hope it helps you, inspires you, and makes you get the urge to organize!

xo dLondie

Comfort & Ease :: OOTD


‘Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go out and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.’ -Howard Thurman

Happy Tuesday my loves!!!

The weekend was absolutely beautiful in Chicago and I could not have been happier. We celebrated my gorgeous friend Brittany’s Bachelorette Party in the city and let’s just say we had the time of our lives 🙂

I had to share this specific outfit post because I am beyond obsessed with this dress from Express. Super affordable and crazy comfortable. I wore it out to dinner with my mom last week and tried to casual it up by throwing my favorite accessory (vest) over it.  I love how you can still see the sexy neck detailing, and the length is perfect for my 5’7″ frame. We can’t always wear mini dresses…or can we?? 😉


Vest: William Rast for Target (SOO Old, but SOO Good) Dress: Express Clutch: Monserat De Lucca Ring: Mikal Winn Shoes: Zara (Last Season)


This dress has already become a staple in my wardrobe because if the ease it has. I’ve worn it to work with taupe ankle booties and a vest piece over to create a more carefree casual look. Then on date night, I pop on my red lips, bare shoulders, sexy pair of heels and this piece works just as perfect for a dressy occasion. Did I mention how comfy it is with the stretch fabric?CE-8CE-9CE-10 CE-11 CE-12

My go-to clutch. In all honesty I try to switch it up, but there is just something about the color, the texture, the size…everything, that makes me always want to grab it and run. Monserat De Lucca makes gorgeous and I must say, reliable bags!


Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you loved this post and if you have any questions or comments, you know where to leave them!

xo dLondie

Photos by my beautiful Mother

July :: Favorites :: In da Bathroom


Happy Monday my loves! I hope you all had an absolutely amazing weekend!

First of all I can’t even begin to believe it is already the end of July! But it is and I want to jump right in and talk about all my favorite things I use in the…you know…bathroom! Most of these items I have accumulated already throughout the year, giving me time to thoroughly fall in love with them, but also enough time to see the positive changes they truly make.  I hope you enjoy my recommendations and maybe try them out for yourself, but I would also LOVE to hear what you use that works. (I’m always on the hunt #productjunkie).



From Left To Right

Swan Creek Candles :Elie Saab Perfum : Clarisonic : Essie Nail Oil : eos Lip Balm : frank body scrub :eco tools loofah : ORIGINS Night Cream


::Swan Creek::


But on a serious note…we sell these at the store I work at (redE boutique), and it is ALWAYS the first thing a customer comments on. The company uses 100% Soy Wax for Clean Burning (Check) and they are handmade in the USA (Dbl Check). But most importantly being a candle THEY SMELL AWESOME! There are so many yummy flavors to choose from, fresh and mild, to sweet and savory, whatever your little nostrils prefer. Just be prepared, you’ll definitely be wanting to buy in bulk…best part, the gorgeous canisters they come in are totally reusable and I have them scattered all throughout my house. By the front door to toss my keys in, pencil or makeup brush holder, you name it, you can create it. Done.



::Elie Saab::

This perfume has easily become my daytime staple for the summer.

It has a very sophisticated smell without being to heavy which I love since I like wearing it to work without feeling like I am going to give everyone a headache. It has a dominant floral smell to it, with a hint of woodsy appeal. So yummy 🙂



I bought my clarisonic two years ago at Macy’s and could not stop using it.  In all honesty when I saw it, I thought it was just another gimmick, and not a cheap one either, but I was desperate to find something to save my skin.  As a woman who loves to play with makeup, and put a face full on, this gadget has saved my face. It gets deep down in the pores to clear and clean away any face makeup and dirt build up.  They make different style brushes based on your skin which is wonderful because I do have sensitive skin and was worried about it scarring my face. It’s actually done the opposite, just after using the clarisonic for a week or two, my skin literally felt softer, smoother, and lifted with less break outs. Definitely no bad reviews on this one.



Aside from their awesome nail polish names (and colors of course) I am absolutely addicted to their cuticle oil. I use this on my cuticles every am and pm followed by my favorite Cucina Hand Lotion and I have to say, with someone that has extremely tough dry skin it definitely makes me feel a bit more feminine during the day. My nail beds have never looked better, less hang nails, and softer smoother hands. Which I’m sure is much appreciated by my boyfriend.

Tip: After a shower or washing my hands in luke warm-hot water, I like to lay the oil around all my nail beds.  Then let it sit for about a minute. After which I will massage thoroughly in to each nail to ensure the oil penetrates the skin.




Lip Balm…all natural…yummy flavors…egg shape…go out an buy them now…you’ll thank me later!




What can I say about frank is…..that I freakin’ love frank! Now that being said, let me get the one thing that I was opposed to with frank off my chest first because there are sooooo many good things. It is messy. Now I absolutely love a natural skin exfoliate and when I saw the amazing and sexy ads I had to try. I mean come on, it’s made with coffee and all the hottest bloggers are doing it.  But I did find myself having to clean my bathtub after every use, which let’s be honest ain’t nobody gots time for that. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVED the way my skin felt afterwards, and I smelt so so yummy.  The package I got specifically targets cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne with roasted and ground robusta coffee beans. Umm ya…so good! It also has grapeseed and coconut in it so you know it has some credibility to it 😉


Now it truthfully isn’t the first thing I go to, but I have used it about every other week and I am definitely loving the way skin feels and looks. But the best part about frank is that he loves you to take selfies with him, and who doesn’t love a selfie!




If you haven’t used or heard of EcoTools yet…you should probably check them out. Not only are their products truly amazing and durable, they feature innovative eco-concious materials, SCORE! This specific loofah comes with two-sides: one with a heavier and rougher texture to really exfoliate and clear all the dead skin away,  and the green side is a lot softer so you can lather yourself with soap on the days you aren’t exfoliating and want a softer finish. You can purchase their products online or at Target stores.




All I can say is, why haven’t I bought an ORIGINS product before. I was browsing around their counter at Macy’s one rainy afternoon because on a very rare occasion I actually had time. That being said I engaged with the sales associate and she was more than helpful and knowledgeable about the products. I was on the hunt for a great Night Moisturizer and I think I found it. This cream is newly fortified with a system of time-released resurfacers plus Vitamins C, E & H, minerals & moisture-rich replenishers. So in londie lingo, I literally wake up with glowing, baby soft skin (and no this is not a sponsored post)!


That is it my loves! Those are my absolute current favorites at the moment. I hope you enjoyed this type of post and thanks again for stopping by!

xo dLondie

‘Don’t over complicate simple things. Enjoy life for what it is!’