Backyard Travels with JT Ed. 1 : Lake Geneva, WI

Lake-GenevaHappy Thursday my loves!

Today’s post is a New Series I am very passionate and excited about starting, called ‘Back Yard Travels with JT’. If you read my #30×30 List then you must of caught on to the fact I am in wanderlust mode and want to travel pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I truly believe we need to grow, to learn, to adapt, to culture ourselves with the rest of the world around us. We should gain knowledge of how other people live, work, and play. Gaining a new understanding firsthand, I believe, can cultivate and nurture respect for all those around us. In our own country, and in those that we have yet to experience. That being said, I want to encourage you to travel in your own backyard, your backyard being the world. Where there’s a will there’s a way. These trips don’t have to be glamorous or high end. They don’t have to be a whole week but a few days. Just get out and explore and do it with an open mind and heart and a little wild abandon.

While I explore this beautiful world, my mission for this series is to help inspire you. Where to stay, what do, where to eat, and of course where to shop! But I also hope in some areas of travel, we can connect and find ways to give back to the communities we go to. I plan on finding all of these things out during my travels, and I plan on sharing it right here with all of you!

Ed. 1 :: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


There are so many amazing hotels and resorts its intimidating to know you’ve chosen the right one until you’re there.  We stayed at Harbor Shores on a whim and the rooms were nice. There wasn’t anything over the top about this hotel, EXCEPT the fact that it was on the water AND walking distance to the downtown area. If you are staying in Lake Geneva during the summer, it’s definitely worth the extra money to stay somewhere lakeside. The following list are my recommendations:

1. The Abbey Resort :: Romantic Getaway

+ Lakefront Resort :: Great Spa :: Quiet, Peaceful area // – Opposite end of downtown area

2. The Geneva Inn :: Girlfriends Getaway

+ Beautiful Lakefront Resort :: Next to Big Foot Beach State Park // – 10 min. drive downtown

3. The Cove of Lake Geneva :: Family Getaway

+ Great for groups :: Indoor/Outdoor Pool :: Adult & Kid Friendly :: Lakefront Resort :: Walk to downtown

4. Maxwell Mansion :: For the Time Traveler

+ Beautiful Grounds and Rooms :: Walk to water and downtown // – Limited Rooms (Book Early)

5. Grand Geneva Resort and Spa :: Romantic Getaway for a Golfing Duo

+ Gorgeous Resort :: Great Spa :: Golf Course :: Secluded // – 15 to 20 minute drive to downtown and the lake :: $$$ (But well worth it) – Book Early




:: Brunch ::

1. The Baker House – Can we say champagne brunch for $32 all you can eat and drink!! This place made me so happy 🙂

2. Simple Cafe – Uses local farmers and bakers

:: Lunch/Dinner ::

1. Pier 290 – Awesome outdoor area right on the water

2. Chucks Lakeshore Inn – Great Bar, Great Food, Great Views

:: Late Night Snack::

1. Olympic Restaurant – Great Breakfast, Open Late (It was a must while we were there!)









1. SHOP Obviously! The downtown area is so quaint and gorgeous with so many eclectic stores. Here were some of my favorites!

:: Bangles & Bags – Amazing & affordable accessories :: Fancy Fair Mall – They had THE best home goods stuff (for the boho eclectic) I will definitely be going back when I decorate my house! :: BLOOMINGBYRDS – Probably my favorite woman’s clothing store in all of downtown :: Cornerstone Shop & Gallery – An endless abyss of home decor and nicknacks, they even had an amazing kids section

2. Weather permitting, just get outside. It’s so beautiful here, just soak it all in!

:: Rent a boat or Jet ski :: Take a tour of the lake on one of the many boat tours :: Pack a picnic and go to one of the many beautiful beaches :: Golf :: Check out the Hotels with outdoor water parks :: Bar Hop ::

3. If the weather is not in your favor

:: Go to one of the resorts with indoor water park :: SPA :: See a movie :: Bar Hop ::


BB-2 BB-3

Mall-1 Mall-2


corner-2 Corner



The End!

I hope you enjoyed this first Edition of ‘Back Yard Travels with JT’. Please let me know if you enjoyed this, if it was helpful to you, or even if you have any suggestions. Write in the comments below or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you. Until our next adventure….xo


#MotivationMonday #30×30


Happy Monday my loves!

I’ve missed you and I’ve missed blogging. But instead of explaining to you where I’ve been or why I’ve been slacking, I will spare you the details and jump right into this NEW post I am so excited to share with you! Let’s do this…

30x30Over the years I’ve learned that change is inevitable and we should embrace it, but also the importance of allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable. I found the things that made me feel uncomfortable, that gave me butterflies in my belly, were often the telling signs of the bigger things I should force myself to do. They’ve always been the most rewarding and the most life changing, because I always learned something about myself, and life and this world. Now just to be clear, I am not talking about allowing myself to do uncomfortable things that are dangerous or that would harm myself or anyone else, but BIG things that we all dream of doing, but find ourselves in uncomfortable situations when we want to do them. Fears, worries, wrong timing, scrutiny from loved ones, financial burdens…we all have those thoughts in our heads, don’t let people fool you.

not-all-those-who-wanderWith that being said I have personally created a #30×30 List for myself. Call it a bucket list if you will, but with more of a time frame set in mind.  Our daily lives fly by trying to keep up with work, family, friends, social events that the things we dream of  doing just fall by the wayside. I’m here to say, just go out and DO IT. Find a way that works for you. Make lists, vision boards, itinerary plans. Be proactive about your dreams, and when you see it, feel it, breath it, live it, I truly feel like you can make magic happen.

My List of 30 things are to be done by the time I am 30. They are dreams, some small and immediately achievable, some are far fetched but I know I can accomplish. These 30 things are important, personal, and dear to my heart, but I want to share them.

To Inspire. Motivate. & Move You

1. Fall in love…with myself

2. Start my own design Label/Business

3. Be Healthy and meet my Goal Weight

4. Have my own design studio

5. Take an acting class

6. Be debt FREE

7. Buy a puppy

8. Go Kiteboarding, Surfing, Skydiving

9. Go on a Helicopter Ride

10. Fall in Love

11. Go on a mission trip

12. Take a piano lesson

13. Learn enough Portuguese to have a simple conversation

14. Break my bad habits

15. Blog Fulltime

16. Take my mom to London and Paris

17. Write a book

18. Go to New York Fashion Week

19. Make 3,000 dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World

20. Buy a Home

21. Go on a Yoga Retreat

22. Host a Charity Fashion Show with my collection

23. Travel/Attend Events for Fashion/Blogging/Beauty

24. Raise $30,000 to build a school with Pencils of Promise

25. Travel to 3 Different Countries I have never been to

26. Go to SXSW – Coachella – Lollapalooza

27. Take a road-trip to Key West

28. Believe in myself and use my passion for good

29. Focus on my health and spread love to others

30. Travel/Road-trip to all the States I haven’t been to

So if you read this far, you’re either motivated and inspired, or thinking I am completely insane and there is no way I will complete all of that.  So let me tell you, I have every intention to and I will. If I don’t reach it by the time I am 30, it will be ok. My main goal is to get out of my comfort zone, have faith, and fulfill the dreams I have in life. I read this list everyday because it pushes me harder and when I see it, I feel it and know it and that is what is going to help me succeed.

Believe in yourself, and your dreams. Allow yourself to feel comfortable being uncomfortable, because more often then not, it means you’re one step closer to your dreams.

xo – Jaclyn


Dream Big

Not all those who wander are lost.