::DIY:: Jewelry Storage


Happy Wednesday my Loves!

Today I bring you a DIY that I now wonder why I’ve taken so long to do. It is under $5.00, takes about 30 minutes (depending on how much jewelry you have) and looks aesthetically pleasing. I’m so in love with how it turned out, and how much more organized I feel. The best part to me, is that now I can SEE my jewelry and know what I have. This definitely makes me utilize all my favorite pieces and helps me to switch it up everyday. I hope you enjoy!



From my actual jewelry box to the top of my dresser everything was just mish-mashed and unappealing. I would typically grab the jewelry I wore the day before because it was what I threw on top the night before.

Tip: When I went into the DIY and organization process I went with a ‘Merchandising’ mindset. I have worked in retail as a merchandise manager for 5 years now and one thing for sure is when laid out right, everything looks more appealing and sells fast. Try keeping pieces next to each other that you love wearing together. Whether it be a stack of bracelets or rings, earrings and a necklace. Not only does this keep things organized and pretty, but it proves in aiding the getting ready process to go a lot faster.



Step 1:

I literally took out all my jewelry and laid it out to organize. Put the posts by the posts, drop earrings together, and studs by the studs. The reason for this is that the chain we are going to hang in this DIY will hold all your drop earrings and hoops.

Take your time in this step to do other things with your jewelry, like clean them, or outfit them with your clothes, and even stow away the ones you don’t wear but cherish in a special box for keepsakes.


Step 2:

This part is based on where you want to hang your earrings…it could be on a wall or maybe a picture frame…I chose to do it on the side of my dresser because I felt that it looked less cluttered in my room.

Take your hammer and nail:  Measure where you want your starting point to be. I measured mine so the chain drooped a little bit, but by all means you can pull it tight so it goes straight across.


Step 3:

Hammer the first nail in desired area…

Step 4:

Measure and Measure again…mark where the second nail will go…hammer the second nail in…

Step 5:

Hang your chain and admire how beautiful it looks 😉


Step: 6

Start hanging and organizing your gorgeous jewels and watch the beauty of organization unfold.





Don’t forget about your necklaces! I repeated the exact same steps with the SECOND CHAIN on the other side of my dresser to hang my longer chunky necklaces.



You can either clip the necklaces around the chain if it is too thick, but I found most of the clasps were big enough to clip on to the actual chain.




 DONATE :: I go through all my belongings before the beginning of a season to reorganize, toss, and pull to donate. One of my favorite Organizations I donate to is WINGS…you can read more about them under my ‘Organizations‘ Tab. There are always those special pieces you never want to get rid of, but the one’s you’ve used and are now picking up dust, donate…there is someone else out there that will cherish them next.

Thank you so so much for stopping by today and reading about this DIY, I truly appreciate it. I hope it helps you, inspires you, and makes you get the urge to organize!

xo dLondie


Happy-HalloweenHappy Thursday my loves!

It’s Halloween!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!! I love this day, it is so fun and creative. The idea of transforming into something else for the day is exciting and the whole day altogether is very nostalgic to me 🙂 Are you going to dress up for any parties tonight? What are you going as? I am going to the ‘Florida Georgia Line’ Concert and I am beyond ecstatic. Not sure what I am going as yet, but check out my instagram later for pics! Have a safe and fun day/night my loves!

xo dLondie